Turbo Boatabag® Construction

  • Container
  • Turbo Pump
  • Turbo Pump Holder


    The Boatabag container outer shell is made of the heaviest Cordura® manufactured.  The Cordura® is urethane coated on the inside to protect against condensing moisture and treated on the outside to repel water from waves or dousing.  An internal water proof polyurethane liner holds the water inside the outer shell.  This construction makes the Boatabag extremely foldable, light and strong, capable of holding more than one hundred times it's own weight in water and withstand shock loads.  Also, the internal liner can easily be patched if the container is punctured.  The anodized aluminum rail hooks are padded to protect the rail and can be used on either side of the container (or boat).  The hooks are attached with spectra line to anodized aluminum tubs which distribute the weight of the water ballast evenly across the outer shell.  The filling hose and drain valve are made of  PVC.

    Turbo Pump

    The Turbo Boatabag  has a propeller driven centrifugal Turbo (turbine) water pump with teflon/nylon® bearings that are water cooled and pressurized for reduced friction and ware.  The outer housing and water foil are made of impact resistant ABS plastic.


    Turbo Pump Holder

    The Turbo pump holder is made of low friction polyethylene plastic for fast and effortless deployment and storage of the Turbo pump.

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