Operation of the Turbo Boatabag®

  • Carry on Duffel Bag
  • Attachment to Your Boat
  • Filling and Draining the Turbo Boatabag

  • Carry on Duffel Bag

    The light weight self contained Tubo Boatabag comes in a durable water proof carry on duffel bag and attaches to most boats in seconds:

    Attachment to Your Boat

    Simply hook the Boatabag to the rail on the widest or beamiest portion of your boat and the Turbo pump holder to the cockpit's life lines:

    Filling and Draining the Turbo Boatabag

    The filling and draining mechanism for the Turbo Boatabag is a self contained part of the water ballast system, requiring no alterations to the boat.  To fill the weather Boatabag while under sail the Turbo pump is deployed from it's holder into the water.  The short filling hose automatically closes the drain valve and the water powered Turbo (turbine) pump will fill the container in approximately seven minutes.

    When the Boatabag is filled with the desired amount of water, the Turbo pump is retrieved by it's tether line and placed back into it's holder, and you're ready to go!  If the wind has decreased and you want less water ballast, gently pull on the filling hose to release controlled quantities of water.  To completely drain the Boatabag firmly tug on the filling hose which will lock the drain valve in the open position (30 seconds) and the Boatabag will automatically retract up to the rail with the loss of water.  Numerous internal mono filament lines connected to a bungee cord retract and fold the Boatabag neatly along the rail, as shown above.

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