Turbo Boatabag
Specifications and Price
  Boat size range
Maximum water capacity
Weight with Turbo
 pump& duffel bag
Price per unit
Turbo Boatabag  45
43-48 ft.
3000 lb. = 18*
 33 lbs. 
$1395 US
Turbo Boatabag  40
38-42 ft.
2000 lb. = 12*
25 lbs.
$1195 US
Turbo Boatabag  35
33-37 ft.
1200 lb. = 7*
20 lbs.
$999 US
* Equivalent number of crew in weight (with greater performance).

Boatabags for smaller sailboats will be available soon and custom designs for larger vessels can be special ordered.  Please contact us with your specific requirements.  All product and product parts are backed by a two year warranty.

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Please contact us for international shipments or to Alaska and Hawaii.

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